Ok, So the group has closed down for a while. So?This weeks challenge is to set up your own still life and post the result on herecan be any subject, any medium, maximum 3/5 items. Try to think about directional light and shade... Good luck and pictures asap please post results on here 

Now about this time every month, we have a lovely volunteer to come in and sit for us to paint their portrait.  So to try and keep some kind of normality the challenge this week is to grab a member of your family and tie them to a chair... or grab the nearest mirror and look into it.  Portraits please, any medium.  Results in the comments below.  Stay safe, stay home. 

The challenge this week is the artists choice... you can do whatever you fancy... BUT you need to say WHY you picked the subject. Could be your favourite subject, could be you are sat in your favourite chair drawing what is in front of you! could be a scene from a photograph. Lets have a look into the mind of the artist... you can be as mad as you want!

So, Watching Grayson Perry's art club on Channel 4... I liked the idea of folding a big sheet of paper into eight sections and doing quick portrait sketches in each section. Perry did portraits of his wife in pen... no rubbing out mistakes, just go with it. You can watch the program on catchup. You can invite your friends and family to have a go, its fun! post your results as normal.

This weeks challenge - 

Produce work using collage. It can be figurative or abstract, pure collage or work into it using your choice of media. A quick google for collage artists will show plenty of examples such as Schwitters, Hoch and Hamilton.. Use comments to show your work and give feedback.. And stay safe, stay home.

This week's challenge, suggested by Dave Amos, asks you to produce work on the theme of 'Water'. Perfect if you have a garden pond but you can also work from your photographs or could use contained water as part of a still life group'. Hope everyone is safe and well

This week s challenge from member Chris Ball involves producing a picture of an animal- in any medium of your choice. Could be a pet- from life or a photograph. Or an opportunity , perhaps, to do something a bit more unusual! Results in the comments below as usual Thank you Chris and if any other members would like to put forward a challenge please do...

This weeks challenge is to 'Compose a still life group of any three objects. Consider interesting shapes and how they will work together. Use only three colours to complete your work' Results as usual in the comments below. Happy painting. Stay safe.

This week's challenge is more solid. A building of your choice. Could be bricks and mortar, glass or wood etc. You decide. Results in the comments as per usual.

Stay safe!

This week is Karen's challenge which is definately a challenge.  You are to do a portrait of a person (TV,Film, Musician etc).  Post in the comments as normal, BUT do NOT reveal who the person is ... members viewing your portrait are challenged again to recognise who the person is!  Have Fun! Stay Safe!

I've been pondering all week on what this weeks challenge could be, and rather than set it in stone your challenge is to focus on a landscape. This could be the view through your windows, a view from an holiday snap or even the view inside your living space while you sprawl on your couch. This week think about perspectives, I know you all love those... have fun!

Todays challenge may involve going outside for a wee bit... but only long enough to pick up anything to be used as a nature study. Very much like Mike Mannion was been showing us at the art club. Could be a twig, a leaf, a flower, anything which is classed as "Nature". Remember how Mike was saying to really study whst you are drawing. Don't make it a quick sketch... you have a week to do a series of detailed drawings... have fun, stay home and stay safe

This weeks challenge is to think back to Dave Amos's workshops and have a go at producing an abstract painting/ drawing in any media. Splash the colour!