Despite not being able to attend the Art Group during the challenging times of Covid-19 the art group community have embraced the use of social media with enthusiasm by taking part in weekly Facebook Challenges.


Here are some examples of the work we've produced during lockdown

Weekly Programme - Winter/Spring 2020



4th February 2020


11th February 2020

‘How to ..’  An on-screen demonstration of techniques will be shown with a chance to try out what you see.

18th February 2020

Workshop practise – follow up to last week’s demonstration.  A further chance to try out what you have learned.

25th February 2020

Still Life set up by Roy Bridge

3rd March 2020

Mike Mannion Presents …drawing an apple. Bring your choice of materials.

10th March 2020



Programme suspended due to the Coronavirus virus


17th March 2020

Still Life set up by Peter Risley 


24th March 2020

Clothed Figure Study – Karen and Joanne will be wearing Steampunk and Victorian inspired costume.

31st March 2020

Print workshop with Mike Fahey.  Keep an eye on the noticeboard and Facebook for any further details. Print workshop with Mike Fahey.  Keep an eye on the noticeboard and Facebook for any further details. 

The Copyright of all these images on this site belong to the individual artist

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